Greg Osuri

@ CEO, Akash Network

Greg Osuri, CEO of Akash Network, is an Applied Economist and Computer Scientist. As a programmer in the past 25 years, his primary focus was shipping developer tooling for the past nine years. Greg founded AngelHack in 2011 to take Hackathons to the masses and expanded to 50 cities with over 150k developers worldwide. While at AngelHack, he helped launch Firebase in 2013 at AngelHack (acq. by Google).

His contributions to cloud computing include designing multi-cloud capability for Kubernetes in 2015, which is currently in use by 80% of the Cloud. With economics, he gained notoriety in Academic circles with my paper on Bootstrapping markets by borrowing from the future for which he was invited to teach a Stanford class on economics.

Greg got started with Crypto in late 2015. Technical first and then economical. Blockchain as a replicated state system was super exciting as a solution for the immediate consistency problem he was trying to solve for optimistic schedulers in federated compute clusters. As an economist, the ability to test economic theory at a micro-level was fascinating.

Greg is also an author, contributing to UI Progress and Amazon RDS cookbook (25m downloads), and was instrumental for passing California’s first Blockchain law, and provided the first expert-witness testimony.