Ksenija Cipek

@ Dame of Honour, Head for Tax Risk Analysis, Ministry of Finance, TA, Croatia

Ksenija Cipek works since 25 years ago for the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration of the Republic of Croatia. She is a highly respected and recognised international tax expert who has heavily involved in lawmaking and was responsible for several tax reforms in Croatia. As a Project Leader she established Compliance Risk Analysis System (CRMS) and provided idea solution for automatic VAT refund based on Risk Analysis System in Croatian Tax Administration. She is currently involve, as a Head of Tax Risk Analysis, in a future development of CRM System, connection of tax legislation and CRM System through risk analysys, especially in an analysys of solutions for applying new technologies. She is Board Advisor of European Network for Economic Cooperation and Development (EUCED A.E.I.E. – E.E.I.G), Contributor Member of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce (USA), Member of a Government Blockchain Association (GBA), Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb. She is an author and book writer.